Anwyl Construction is one of the leading construction companies working across North Wales and the North West of England.

We work in a wide range of construction sectors and are a well-established family business. Anwyl Construction has a thoughtful approach and a commitment to quality at every stage. Each client enjoys the same personal touch and professional service no matter what the nature of their project.

Our Construction Services

Whether our clients are looking for a reasonably priced home with social housing or minimizing risks when building a school. Anwyl Construction specialises in a number of wide-ranging sectors:

A more personal service

For the Anwyl Construction team, nurturing strong relationships with clients and communities is vital to the quality of the result. Hence, using our 85 years’ experience to do just that.

Customer care and attention to detail are the keys to delivering buildings of the highest standard. Both for our clients and those who ultimately occupy them.

The right team

Collaboration is at the heart of our process. We take the time to listen to each client and understand the nature of every brief. Then put together the right team to meet the specific demands of the project.

From the estimating stage through to planning the build and executing the contract. To managing the site and helping in the handover process. We use our in-house expertise to confidently ensure our clients have the right person for the job, every time.

We believe our people should be empowered to make decisions, a policy that enables projects to progress swiftly and efficiently. Therefore, if a client has a question, it gets answered and brought to life if possible.

Committed to communities

We are proud of our roots in North Wales and our established connections throughout the North West. Our commitment to a strong supply chain across these regions means that our success feeds back into local economies.

Consequently, working with locally-based suppliers and subcontractors where possible, the communities really feel the benefit. We work hard to deliver training opportunities for these communities and have a proven track record of taking on apprentices. Making this a priority helps them to become established members of our team, some even reaching senior management levels within Anwyl!


Working sustainably

One aspect of our commitment to sustainable working is our involvement in local supply chains and the wider community. Additionally, during every phase of a build, we are mindful of the project’s carbon footprint. Adhering to lean principles and embracing BIM culture, each project can increase efficiency and reduce waste. Furthermore, saving costs and time overall. Most of all, this benefits the world around us.

Every project is unique with its own demands and challenges. As the project progresses, we keep a critical on it. Our team is always looking for ways to improve processes, increase efficiencies, and find innovative solutions whenever issues arise.

Because we are so engaged with the community with each and ever build, it stands to reason that our staff is also passionate about fundraising. View our Communities page to find out more!

A focus on health and safety

As a responsible construction company, commitment to the highest standards of health and safety throughout the business and on every project is paramount.

With our own in-house health and safety team, we can give this area the focus it demands. A fact reflected in accreditations including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and our status as long-standing RoSPA members. As a result, we are proud to have received the RoSPA gold award for the last four years.

Proud to be partners

The most noteworthy testament to our thoughtful approach to construction and our commitment to building long-lasting relationships is the fact that we have worked with many of our clients and sub-contractors time and again.

We know our partners value the sense of continuity they get when working with Anwyl. To ensure a lasting relationship all clients deal with the same people throughout the lifetime of their project. This helps instil a lasting relationship and open communication.

“With Anwyl, you can always pick up the phone to any of the senior guys, and you can get through and get an answer.  And if they haven’t got an answer, they’ll get you one.   In this fast paced environment that puts them in a very good position”  

– Arwyn Evans – Development & Technical Director, Pennaf Housing Group

As a family run firm with roots in our community and a real commitment to getting to know clients and suppliers personally. Most importantly, we believe that this approach is fundamental to our continuing growth and ongoing success.

After all, it has stood us in good stead for over 85 years already, and it will prove its worth for very many years yet to come.

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