As organisations with overall responsibility for local regeneration, redevelopment and community well-being, local authorities are rightly selective about the companies with which they work.

Anwyl Construction is a well-established family firm with many years of experience working on the kind of projects that local authorities typically require, including public buildings, schools and colleges, social housing and so on. With our commitment to sustainability, efficiency and community involvement, as well as our strong track record of constructing successful buildings that contribute to regeneration and redevelopment, we have been proud to work with a number of local authorities across North Wales and the North West of England.

On time and on budget

It is well known that local authority budgets have become ever tighter over recent years, and this means that efficiencies during the planning and building process are more important than ever. Anwyl excels in this area, with skilled in-house teams who are adept at identifying innovative solutions and alternative methods that cut wastage and reduce costs while ensuring that quality remains high at every stage.

Our commitment to establishing a robust supply chain of trusted companies is also important to local authorities. Wherever possible, we use locally based suppliers so that there is a real economic benefit to the local economy in addition to the regeneration effects of the project itself.

We also involve local communities in the process as early as possible, often holding Meet the Buyer events to introduce ourselves to local businesses and residents, and making sure that they are kept informed about the project’s progress.

Healthier and safer

Health and safety are also crucial to local authorities – as they are to every client – and our track record in this area enables local authority clients to appoint us with confidence. Whether people are working on-site with us or are simply present in the vicinity of a site – such as a school or college, where we work in a live environment with educational activities going on around us – we put safeguards in place and ensure that safety remains our top priority.

Many of our projects involve partnerships between the clients who appoint us and their local authorities. For instance, in the social housing sector, we may be working directly with a registered social landlord but they in turn work with their local authority to identify the residents who are eligible to live in the property once it is complete.

As our entire outlook as a business is based on partnering with other companies, building strong relationships and operating in an open and transparent way, we are able to fulfil the requirements that local authorities expect from business relationships.

Training for the future

These benefits are further enhanced by our commitment to offering training opportunities and apprenticeships, a policy that is good for local economies in general and that has a real impact on the lives of individuals. By stimulating local employment, introducing young people to new careers and helping them to progress through our company, we deliver the kind of results that local authorities look for in their regeneration projects.

Local authorities appreciate our thoughtful approach to construction, and we appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the regeneration of regions around North Wales and the North West. Being able to point to completed projects that have made a difference to the areas in which they are located is a real point of pride for everyone at Anwyl.

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