The importance of being – an apprentice!


Anwyl Partnerships has a rich history in employing apprentices across all areas of the business. Simon Rose, our Senior Construction Manager discusses the apprentice journey and explains why an apprenticeship is a great pathway to skilled and sustainable employment:

“As a large local employer, who continue to expand and grow across North Wales and the North West, it’s critical that we have the right people internally to help us to consistently deliver. Apprentices are a hugely important part of our business and by providing this level of in-depth training at the outset, we are guaranteed to have the skills in-house to help us achieve our own goals.

“We have long established links with all local colleges in North Wales, as well as universities. The relationship is very much two-way with colleges reaching out to us when they have a potential candidate who they feel would be a good fit for Anwyl, and us contacting them when we’re looking to fill a new apprentice role.

“We undertake a similar process to any new role applicant, beginning with an initial interview. Our apprentice roles range across disciplines, from specific trades to site managers and office staff, so we would consider each role individually.

“Some of our apprentices that initially come to us complete their training with one of our approved sub-contractors, particularly when they’re looking to follow a specific trade. We’ve secured a large amount of work in 2020, to be delivered in 2021 and beyond, and will need to recruit across the business, including several new apprentice positions.

“Our apprenticeship learning programmes are very much governed by the role – we do offer apprenticeship opportunities in almost all areas of the business, from trades to management. A trade, for example, will follow a very specific syllabus whilst a management role will involve a far more open and wide-ranging learning experience.

“For each of our apprenticeships, we consider what projects are live at any one time and how working on these different sites will benefit the apprentice so they understand all disciplines within their field. Learning qualifications can vary from basic NVQ to degree level. Whilst completing a course and gaining an accreditation is essential, the application and effort of the individual is equally important.

“We want our staff to develop in a way that suits their own ambitions and aspirations, as well as our own. We have a Site Manager, for example, who joined Anwyl at 16 and is now 32. The next step for him in his career journey is to become a Project Manager on one of our larger projects, and we will work with him to help him fulfil this goal. During his time with us, we’ve offered him almost every possible experience within a site environment to ensure his knowledge and skill set is broad and balanced.

“We carry out ongoing personal reviews with each of our apprentices, alongside onsite teams and college tutors, to ensure the individual is meeting their potential within both areas. It’s also important that we have an understanding of, and are aware of, any personal issues affecting them outside work and offer any necessary support.

“If the apprenticeship has been successful, we almost always will make an offer of long-term employment.”