Laura Jones

Laura Jones

Marketing & Community Engagement Coordinator

Laura is responsible for managing all aspects of internal and external marketing, including social media, PR and digital marketing. Laura also drives community engagement across the division and implements social value strategies across every development.

She supports continued business growth through increased exposure of the Anwyl Partnerships brand, delivering marketing communications to both local and national outlets. Laura also continues to develop brand awareness through the management of social media and website development, creating content and generating reports to measure effect.

In relation to community engagement, Laura works with our project partners to establish their key aspirations for the communities in which we work, maximising the impact of our developments beyond the walls of the construction site. She ensures the company’s corporate social responsibility values are met, leading on community enhancing initiatives to ensure Anwyl’s presence leaves a lasting legacy.

I love having the opportunity to grow our brand through the delivery of effective marketing and PR, utilising the digital world to increase awareness of the work we do whilst also reaching out to future partners. I’m also always keen to implement positive initiatives in local communities, delivering a bespoke approach for each project that’s tailored to our partners’ agenda.