Land and Build

Not every Anwyl Construction project comes to fruition through established framework agreements or via client appointments. ‘Turnkey developments’ are an alternative method of initiating and proceeding with a project.

The complete package

Turnkey developments are those that begin when we or a third party identifies an area of land as being suitable for a particular type of development, be that social housing, commercial or industrial, or some other use.

Using our construction expertise and experience, we assess the land’s potential and work on plans for ways in which that potential could be realised. We then approach possible partners to discuss the development plans which we are then able to realise and sell with the land as one package.

New options

For instance, a landowner may come to us with a parcel of land that they feel may be suitable for development. Following inspection and assessment, we may decide that the land is ideal for social housing, and this being the case, we would then draw up a costed plan for such a development and present it to one of our social housing clients.

If the opportunity works for the client, they then have the option of buying the land and the development package, and we get to work putting the plan into practice.

Turnkey developments can be an excellent solution for our clients, as the opportunity is presented as a complete, costed plan. It removes some risk and uncertainty from the process for them, but allows them to take advantage of our own skill and experience in assessing land and developing and designing economically viable projects for different sectors.

Putting land to work

A benefit of being part of the Anwyl Group, are the many teams within the business who can offer their input, including those who work for Anwyl Land and Anwyl Homes. This combined strength opens up a wide range of options and possibilities and ensures that our clients benefit from exciting land-led opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise have been set in motion.