Creating the ultimate workspace during lockdown


The Covid-19 pandemic is having a major impact on the way live and work with many of us adapting to remote working practices. This new way of working will indeed feel alien to many and so establishing a work space that is comfortable t is incredibly important and will prove beneficial in terms of productivity, confidence and ease, as well as physical comfort.

Consider the following when establishing your office at home or make potential changes to existing space:

  1. The right spot

Identify an area of your home that you feel is right for your office. Consider practicality – what are the chances of being disturbed, does it have the correct lighting, does it give you enough space and does it offer the right ambience?

  1. Sitting pretty

Having the right chair is crucial. Make sure your chair gives you good support and is elevated and adjusted to fit correctly with the desk. Simultaneously, adapt your keyboard and screen to ensure you aren’t putting your posture at risk and are able to avoid bad working practices form the outset.

  1. Well lit

Natural lighting as we know offers the most ideal form of lighting. Where possible, sit your desk close to a natural light source. If your chosen area doesn’t benefit from long periods of natural light, consider using a natural light box that injects some of the natural energy provided by the sun. Both have been proven to boost and nurture productivity.

  1. How fast can you go

Now more than ever is the right time to check your internet speeds. You may be asked to use various online meeting and communication platforms that require larger and faster bandwidths, which can only be accessed via good internet connections. Speak to your provider and find out what tariff you’re using and potentially discuss ways in which it can be improved. Alternatively, begin to look at offers form other providers.

  1. Let’s be clear

Try and avoid clutter. A cluttered work space can often lead to a cluttered mind. Use wireless devices such as a mouse, keyboard etc where possible and be rid of wires whilst removing unnecessary objects.

  1. In design

Would your area benefit from some additional storage or a change of colour? Where possible (and practical), look at the colour pallete and lay out and consider introducing new tones that would enhance the space. The addition of plants presents a simple shift that can have a big impact. Plants help cultivate a relaxing environment whilst injecting colour and a natural element.

  1. Make a change

Know that once you’ve set up your office using a particular style, it doesn’t have to stay like that . Perhaps review your office each week and determine what you do and don’t like, introducing new objects, taking away others and reworking layout. It may well take some time to get the space that’s really right for you.

If you pay attention to all of the above and consider each point carefully, you will ultimately create a work space area that meets your own specific, personal needs and will serve to help you as you navigate your way around this new and very different way of working.