Coronavirus – tips to support mental health & well-being


In these unprecedented times of widespread uncertainty, many of us may be feeling overwhelmed, unsure, scared even and possibly isolated. Taking care of your mental health and well-being is incredibly important for yourself and those around you.

The global pandemic which is affecting all is permeating every aspect of our lives from our health to our welfare, finances, wider social interaction and more. The impact that Covid-19 is having on us all, and will continue to have for some time, cannot be overlooked. Remaining grounded and pragmatic and with a clear head space, whilst difficult, is really important whilst we continue to weather the storm.

We are all being consistently bombarded by news from various sources, notably online via news portals as well as social media and through people we know via online communication channels. Managing the flow of information and choosing the right sources to engage with will undoubtedly help. Selecting resources that you feel are providing none sensational and accurate information will also prove helpful. Consider sites such as the following:

Public Health England 



Limit the amount of time you spend checking up on up to date information and perhaps set yourself times during which you log on. Consider looking twice daily and avoid searching for information before bed time as this could potentially exacerbate any stress and detract you from a restful night’s sleep.

Exercise offers many benefits in terms of physical and mental well-being and can help alleviate feelings of anxiety. Stepping outside, spending time in open spaces, even the garden and taking in fresh air is also very important. Consider establishing a set time during the day when you exercise indoors or outdoors, combining vigorous and relaxing movements to achieve different experiences, feelings of relief or exertion.

Relaxing and switching off from the issues that are swamping our minds is challenging and so now may be the time to consider practices such as yoga or mediation. There are some brilliant online free resources that are incredibly easy to use and follow, take up minimal time, and offering step by step guidance on how to unwind.

Take a look at: – Calm is a meditation, sleep and relaxation app that helps listeners the amazing benefits of mindfulness. The app includes sleep stories and guided meditations

Headspace – Headspace’s mission is to improve the health and happiness of the world. Users will learn the essentials of meditation and mindfulness

Talking through any feelings of anxiety or stress will remain important throughout this process. Stay in touch with friends and loved ones, and as with news, choose the right person or people to share your concerns with. Join in with groups that you are invited to and are comfortable with. Friendship, social and working groups are using online resources such as Zoom or House Party to get together online and enjoy social interaction – albeit in a totally different way that we are used too.

Most importantly, know the this situation won’t last and we will get through it, there will be an end to this and we all need to journey through it by being gentle with ourselves and each other, recognising, managing and responding to our natural feelings and instincts.